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iChoc Almond Orange är en chokladkaka helt fri från animaliska ingredienser.

iChoc Almond Orange innehåller krispiga rostade mandlar och bitar av apelsin i en len vegansk rismjölkschoklad. iChocs choklad är gjord på  en bas av risdryckspulver. Kakaohalt minst 40%.

Ekologiskt certifierad med EU-lövet.


Rårörsocker*, kakaosmör*, kakaomassa*, risdryckspulver* 14%, hackad mandel* 4%, apelsingranulat* 3%, hasselnötsmassa*, apelsinolja*, bourbon vaniljextrakt*. kakaohalt: minimum 40%.


Näringsinnehåll per 100 gram:

Energi 2367 kJ / 568 kcal
Fett 36,6 g
– varav mättat fett 20,6 g
Kolhydrater 54,9 g
– varav sockerarter 43,7 g
Protein 3,0 g
Salt 0 g


Tillverkad i en miljö där mjölk, trädnötter och gluten hanteras.




Förvaras svalt och torrt.

Om iChoc:

Every brand is inspired by an idea.

The idea for iChoc was actually relatively simple, and it very quickly became clear what it stood for: vegan chocoholics should no longer have to suffer, we need a vegan chocolate that tastes like milk chocolate, a chocolate which helps to you to revive an ‘old flame’. The vegan way of living should no longer be a limitation, instead it should open up a world of new alternatives.

Until recently, this was not the case: many vegans ended up regretting their lifestyle choice, as it limited the chocolate they could eat, and they generally had to resort to eating dark chocolate. This meant that those who were not fans of dark chocolate either had to learn to like it, or go without chocolate completely. That’s easier said than done:

Chocolate is a considerable contributing factor to our quality of life!

iChoc is setting out to change things. Our range consists exclusively of products which take the classic concept of ‘milk chocolate’, and reinvent it using recipes that are free of animal products. We want vegans to be able to experience those moments of happiness again – and we hope that by devoting the necessary love and attention to our chocolate, we will successfully achieve this.

IChoc Almond Orange 80G

Crunchy roasted almonds embrace fruity orange pieces in a cosy bed of velvety rice choc.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, rice drink powder* 14% (dried rice syrup*), almonds, chopped* 4%, granulated orange* 3%, hazelnut paste*, orange essential oil*, bourbon vanilla extract*. Cocoa solids: 40% minimum.

* from organic agriculture.

May contain traces of other tree nutsmilk and gluten. For further information about possible allergen traces click here.

Packaging: FSC-certified folding cardboard box | compostable NatureFlex film


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