PROVA Wel-B Frystorkad Jordgubb 3g

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PROVA Wel-B  Frystorkad Jordgubb 3g

100% frystorkade jordgubbar

Energi 400 kcal
Protein <5 g
Fett 0 g
Kolhydrater 93 g
– varav sockerarter 53 g
Fibrer 0 g
Natrium 33 mg

PROVA Wel-B Frystorkad Jordgubb

With our Wel-B real healthy snacks, we’re proud to be taking part
in helping our customers be healthy and blissful. Oil-free and food additive-free,
Wel-B is a real healthy snackthat keeps the nutrition at its utmost.

Our Quality

Quality is the core of Wel-B’s philosophy.
All products have passed a strict quality control,
in items or raw material selection, production efficency,
cleanliness, end safety.

Vacuum Freeze-dried

This method can keep the nutrition at its utmost by dehydrating fruits and make them solid. Neither a high temperature nor oil is required in the procedure. That is why we chose the freeze-driedmethod for every product of Wel-B.

All Natural

We believe in a perfect balance of nature; thus, all of our ingredients are 100% natural and without food additives, allowing you to enjoy Wel-B with heart and soul!

0% fat

Non-fried in order not to let oil harm your health. Non-baked in order not to let the high temperature destroy the vitamins.

How to enjoy
There are many fun ways to enjoy Wel-B real healthy snacks:
1. Crisp
Take or just plop a piece of Wel-B real healthy snacks into your mouth and enjoy experiencing its crunchiness, the sweet and delicious flavour.
2. with milk
Enjoy Wel-B real healthy snacks with milk or cereals to refresh and add vitamins into your breakfast.
3. Tea
Pour the crumbs and powders of Wel-B real healthy snacks into your plain cup of tea and turn it into a fruity one!
4. Smoothies
Blend Wel-B real healthy snacks with fresh fruits, yoghurt and juice to make a thick, crunchy and jummy smoothie.
5. Bakery & Ice Cream
Crumble Wel-B real healthy snacks into small bits and use them as a cake or icecream garnish.


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